Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Exercise and Writing

Do you like exercise? Really, does anyone? I guess some people do. I have a crazy niece that loves it. I am NOT one of those people.

I've been visiting some other writers' websites, and I noticed a common theme. Many writers are unhappy with their weight. Duh? Right?

As writers, we must sit and type. I don't know of any other way to make writing work. I have tried Dragon Fly, but it drove me crazy. I might have given up too soon, but you still need to be close to your computer with little noise. Another problem is that it's easy to have a snack to fuel your brain. Calories...calories.

I too am the unhappiest I've ever been with my shape. I decided that this summer I AM EXERCISING. I've decided this in the past too, of course, but my bikini has never looked so unappealing before. My motivation is huge.

I made an amazing breakthrough.
If I listen to the same music I listen to while I am writing (I must drown out life), I can run on my Elliptical and plot my book. My unconscious must have been working on problems in my WIP. I am rarely quiet enough for my subconscious to draw much attention. My even better breakthrough is that while I run, all the problems in my story come out. I literally find all the holes in my story. Things I've forgotten - like one of my character's shoulder was sliced, but then I forgot to deal with it. 

Running and plotting, who knew? One of the added benefits is that it makes the running go by so much faster. Maybe by the end of summer, I'll look great and my plot will be all the better for it. Bonus.

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  1. Ah, multi-tasking - gotta love it! :o)

    (Are you going to add a button so I can 'follow' you? Unless I'm missing something, lol!)